Give your child a gift that will last a lifetime. Conquering the fear of public speaking early in life will empower your child and enhance the quality of his or her life. Children who are poised, comfortable, and confident in their abilities hold the key to a successful future. Students who can express themselves clearly through the use of effective communication skills will have an advantage over their peers in school and life.

After School Learning Tree Speech Contest Winners

Give your child the powerful gifts which come from knowing how to SPEAK effectively. During the Academy for Public Speaking courses your child will learn, know, and experience:

S – Specific Speaking Skills & Strategies for Successful Speeches Spontaneous Speaking Skills

P – Preparation & Practice

E – Experiental Exercises, Extemporaneous Speaking Skills, & Effective Evaluations

A – Articulation, Assertiveness, & Activities in Leadership

K – Keys to Feeling Confident & Achieving Success

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The gift of enrolling your child in an Academy for Public Speaking course is a small investment which will contribute greatly to your child’s confidence, happiness, and future success!